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When it comes to writing, you’re always on the lookout for words for writers. One good way to learn more about different word categories is to venturebeat check out the Roget’s Thesaurus. The new edition of this venerable dictionary is packed with words that relate to emotional and psychological trauma. Readers connect with characters who have suffered such wounds because it adds to their depth. By studying Roget’s Thesaurus, you’ll gain the skills to use these words when writing.

Another word for writer is “graphomaniac,” which refers to an uncontrollable desire to write. The word first appeared in 1840, and is translated as “crazy.” Another word for writers is mogigraphia, which means writer’s cramp. Dysgraphia refers to a problem with writing legibly. Agatha Christie, for example, suffered from it. And, of course, there’s “catastrophist,” which means a pessimist.

Another important word for writers is “catchy.” Thesaurus definitions can often be challenging for newcomers. But this handy tool helps aspiring authors expand their vocabulary and create unique sentences that can hook readers. Thesaurus entries are also organized by meaning, including a pronunciation guide and antonyms. Some hertube entries include sample sentences. Despite its name, the Roget’s Thesaurus is essential for writers. It is a reference book for anyone trying to improve their writing.

An evocative thesaurus is another helpful tool for writers. This handy book offers real-life examples as well as synonyms of each word. Word etymologies also play an important role in the mood of your writing. A good word etymology will tell you where the word came from and its synonyms. Thesaurus also offers commentary by famous writers and linguists. So, it’s worth having on your writing shelf.

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