The Nephrotic Syndrome PDF

The nephrotic syndrome is a disorder where protein in the blood passes into the urine. There is currently no known cure for nephrotic syndrome, but it is managed with medicine. Symptoms may include swelling of the face, ankles, and eyes. The first signs of nephrotic syndrome appear in the morning, when the patient is already feeling sluggish. In addition, the symptoms may worsen preexisting proteinuria.

The condition is caused by damage to the glomeruli, which filter the blood. When the glomeruli are damaged, proteins leak into the urine. This causes proteinuria, or excessive loss of protein. A decrease in the renal function also causes fluid to accumulate in the tissues. The most common cause of glomerular damage in children is minimal change disease. In the adult population, this condition is most likely a result of diabetes, although the cause is not clear.

Despite the serious effects of this disease, corticosteroids are the hallmark treatment for nephrotic syndrome. These medications suppress the immune system and decrease the amount of protein that passes into urine. However, they also have risks, including bone loss and high blood pressure. Additionally, they may cause anxiety. Hence, it is important to consult your doctor before taking any medication for nephrotic syndrome. The nephrotic syndrome pdf is a helpful reference for anyone interested in learning more about this condition.

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