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Nephrotic Syndrome – ppt in Pediatric Nephrology

While nephrotic syndrome is often difficult to diagnose, it is still treatable with proper care. Most children “outgrow” this disorder in the late teens or early adulthood. Fleepbleep A child may only experience one or two attacks of the syndrome, then go years without being sick again. Other children may relapse in the later years of their lives. Nevertheless, it is still essential to know how to recognize and treat nephrotic syndrome early.

There are many causes of this disorder. The most common in young children is minimal change disease, which can be caused by infections, tumors, or overuse of over-the-counter medications. Fortunately, children outgrow the disease by their teens. Other conditions can damage glomeruli, including diabetes and cancer. Some drugs, like certain blood thinners, can cause nephrotic syndrome in children Wikibirthdays.

Symptoms and treatments of NPHS1 are similar to those of other CNS, with some exceptions. The main goal of therapy is to prevent edema, control complications, treat thromboses, and optimize nutrition. Although there is no cure for NPHS, a kidney transplant may be necessary in many cases. A kidney transplant is the only cure for most cases of NPHS1 Biographycon.

Blood pressure medication may be prescribed for nephrotic syndrome patients. These drugs can help reduce swelling and reduce the amount of protein in urine. Prednisolone is an example of such a medication. Other glucocorticoids, like prednisolone, can also be prescribed. Diuretics are also used to promote the excretion of water. Plasma protein is sometimes prescribed as a supplement to diuresis in patients with edema allmeaninginhindi

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