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Le CiNeMa Club also have access to a diverse selection of short films

The Le CiNeMa Club is a film club in Paris and New York that offers free streaming and in-depth reviews of cinema from around the world. The site’s founder, Marie-Louise Khondji, curates a monthly film program based on a theme, such as the avant-garde francaise, which will feature films by new and emerging French filmmakers.

The club’s aim is not profit, but sustainable sharing of work. Its mission is to foster a community of filmmakers, cinephiles, and film lovers. In order to achieve this, the club plans to expand its editorial mission and introduce its members to more cinematic works. The organization has already landed projects from Andrea Arnold, Gus Van Sant, and Yorgos Lanthimos.

The Le CiNeMa Club will feature one film per week, with curated lists by established and up-and-coming directors. Subscribers will also have access to a diverse selection of short films. They can view these films for free and can even download them for their own use. For more information, visit Le CiNeMa Club’s website. It’s free to join, and members can choose their movies from a selection of films available in their member’s library.

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