Causes of Divorce in Islam

In Islam, marriage is considered a sacred contract between the husband and wife. The main purpose of marriage is to maintain chastity. In the Islamic religion, divorce is only valid in extreme cases and has many negative consequences for individuals and families. Divorce can have deep psychological and emotional scars for both parties. A marriage is also important to the future of humankind. In Islam, the only way to protect the future of humanity is to keep it sound.

There are many reasons why a couple may decide to divorce. Infertility is not a legitimate reason to divorce in Islam, but in some countries, women can file for divorce for this reason. Divorce is generally discouraged unless the wife is infertile and cannot bear children. Infertility is a valid cause of divorce only when a woman is unable to bear children. This can be a very emotional and difficult time for a couple.

Islam also allows for divorce by mutual consent. The wife cannot remarry during the time of Iddah. The husband must give his consent, but the spouse is not allowed to remarry until after the Iddah. If the husband refuses to agree to the divorce, the Council will issue a final notice to the spouse. The Panel of Scholars will consider the case and decide whether to dissolve the marriage. They will also ask the parties to follow certain conditions.

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