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One of the most popular Instagram accounts that’s currently being talked about is the “22 Egg Gang.” This group of 22 individuals has a simple goal: to break the world record for the most Instagram photos. However, this doesn’t seem to be as straightforward as it may sound. It’s not just that the 22 people involved in this project are all very creative and well-versed in the art of posting photos, but there are some other factors that have led to their success stylishster.

Kylie Jenner held the record

Kylie Jenner’s photo of her newborn daughter Stormi is no longer the world’s most popular Instagram post. An account called the “World Record Egg” snagged the title in a matter of days tishare.

The world record egg was the brainchild of a mystery account. The lone post featured an image of an egg accompanied by several hashtags – the first of which was the egg spelled out in all caps.The “World Record Egg” posted the picture on January 4. They hoped that it would win over Kylie’s more flamboyant baby announcement 52av.

Pregnancy announcement

Kylie Jenner’s artistic pregnancy announcement has overtaken Beyonce’s famous twin reveal photo as the most-liked Instagram picture of all time. As of Sunday night, the baby-name announcement has 18.2 million likes.

Beyonce’s post in February 2017 had 11.2 million likes. It also broke the record for most likes on Instagram in the first year of a new celebrity’s post.

In February 2018, Kylie announced the birth of her daughter, Stormi, accompanied by a video titled “To Our Daughter”. It was a visual treat for fans who love the KUWTK star’s unique aesthetic and relatable personality.

Since becoming a mom, Kylie has taken a more laid back approach to her social media posts. In recent months, she has refocused on her entrepreneurial ventures, her cosmetics line, and her child, as well as lessening her cameos on KUWTK.

The ‘generic’ and ‘unbranded’

What started out as a joke has turned into a viral marketing juggernaut. The World Record Egg is currently the most followed account on the platform. Not content to merely hold the title of most popular Instagram user, the egg’s creators are pushing the envelope with their “mystery phase two.”

As the internet’s most prolific social network, Instagram has seen its fair share of notable moments. From Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to Kylie Jenner, these famous names have been gracing our feeds with their presence. While the top five accounts have a plethora of fans, the world’s largest following is undoubtedly @world_record_egg.

Using the platform’s capabilities, the egg gang rolled Hibooz out official merchandise to fans on the fly. Etsy stores quickly filled the void and Amazon jumped on the bandwagon, selling a myriad of egg-related products.

Copycat accounts appeared

If you’re wondering why you’ve noticed a lot of fake accounts on Instagram, you’re not alone. A slew of fraudsters have been creating copycat accounts, which are fake pages set up to mimic an author or blogger’s account.

They often use the name and photo of the original author to create their own accounts. Some people have been scammed because they have been tricked into giving away their personal data to the fraudsters. Others have lost money to the scammers.

These fraudulent copycat accounts have been linked to a number of giveaways, which promise to give away something for free, but ask the victims to pay for shipping costs or banking details. They also offer sexual photos for sale.

The virality undercurrents

If you’ve been on social media for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the World Record Egg. While the name isn’t completely believable, the picture of a plain brown egg was a viral sensation. Among the other wacky things people did, the photo was a clever marketing scheme aimed at beating Kylie Jenner’s 18 million Instagram likes. It’s a bit surprising that it didn’t get more press, especially since it was part of a less-than-stellar Super Bowl commercial.

The egg has also garnered attention from other viral content creators. According to Buzzfeed, a London-based advertising company may have helped the picture’s viral growth. In addition, a company called Jerry Media was reported to be working with the aforementioned egg in an fashionnowdays unofficial capacity.


The photo of an egg has amassed more than 27 million likes, beating out Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement as the most liked photo on the social media platform. In fact, it’s the lone post on the account.


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